Bilt-Rite Mastex Health

Your quality manufacturer for the finest medical and wellness products.

Since its inception, Bilt-Rite has been manufacturing the finest orthopedic and sports-medicine products available in the industry. These made in the USA products have set the standard for quality, efficacy and comfort throughout the industry.

With each passing year, the product line has grown to encompass more ergonomic applications. With the acquisition of Mastex Health, a highly regarded brand in the marketplace, Bilt Rite has expanded its product offerings even further. Today, Bilt-Rite/Mastex Health manufactures a complete line of orthopedic, ergonomic, and occupational supports, hot/cold therapy packs, cushions and pillows.

Across the country and abroad, Bilt-Rite/Mastex Health is a leading provider to home medical dealers and distributors, health care professionals, hospitals and nursing homes. Spanish speaking sales reps are also on staff to service territories in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Basin, Central and South America. We are confident that you will find the quality products you seek in this comprehensive catalog. Rest assured, the Bilt Rite/Mastex Health professionals are ready to provide any help or technical assistance with any of these products to provide you with a complete medical products solution. Our team is your team. Bilt-Rite/Mastex Health stands ready to provide you with the finest medical products and expertise, now and in the future.

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